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Lifting aid for car glass roofs

Aktualisiert: 3. Juni

Using the ZH90 lifting axle when installing glass roofs on vehicles offers numerous advantages over traditional methods such as the use of cranes or manual processes. Here are the main advantages:

1. Precision and control

  • #Accuracy: The ZH90 lifting axis enables precise positioning of the glass roof with minimal tolerances. This is crucial for the tightness and aesthetic fit of the roof.

  • #Stability: The ZH90 lifting axis minimizes vibrations and movements during the installation process, reducing the risk of misplacement and damage.

2. Security 🦺

  • Reduced #risk of injury: The use of the ZH90 lifting axis reduces the risk of work accidents because no manual handling is required and the heavy glass roof can be moved more safely.

  • Safe #handling: The ZH90 lifting axis is equipped with several safety features that prevent the glass roof from falling down and ensure stable support during installation.

3. Efficiency and speed 🎯

  • Faster #installation: The precise and controlled operation of the ZH90 lifting axis speeds up the installation process, which shortens production times.

  • Less #rework: The high accuracy of the lifting axis means fewer corrections and rework are required, which increases overall efficiency.

4. Ergonomics and working conditions 🎯

  • Ergonomic #Advantages: Employees have to lift and carry less heavy objects, which reduces physical strain and prevents health problems.

  • Improved #working conditions: By using the ZH90 lifting axis, workplaces can be designed more ergonomically, which increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

5. Flexibility 🤸♂️

  • #Versatility: The ZH90 lifting axle and device can be adapted to different vehicle types and glass roof sizes, which increases flexibility in production.

6. Quality and consistency 📈

  • Consistent #Results: The use of the ZH90 lifting axis ensures consistently high quality and consistency in the installation process.

7. Cost efficiency 📉

  • Long-term #cost savings : Although the initial investment costs for the ZH90 lifting axis can be high, the increased efficiency, reduced rework and lower error rate lead to cost savings in the long term.

  • Less #materialwaste: Precise placement and low damage rates reduce material consumption and associated costs.


The use of the #lifting axis when installing #glass roofs in #vehicles brings significant benefits in terms of #precision, #safety, #efficiency and #quality. These benefits lead to improved #production performance, better #working conditions and long-term #cost savings. #Automation technologies such as the ZH90 lifting axis play a crucial role in the #modernization and #optimization of #vehicle production.

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