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Cast more efficiently with our manipulators, lifting aids and lifting axes! 🔊 🔥

The foundry industry is the process of pouring metals into molds to produce a variety of products, from small components to large castings for machinery and vehicles. ⚙️

Due to their characteristics, our manipulators are extremely useful in the #foundry industry for handling #molds & #castings, #material feeding, #post-processing, #tool changing and #automation. They also offer various advantages compared to cranes and chain hoists🏗️✅:

  • #Safety: Manipulators reduce the risk of injury because they can lift and move heavy loads that would be too heavy or dangerous for human workers. 🦺

  • #Increase in efficiency: By using manipulators, foundries can optimize their production processes and speed up workflows, leading to increased productivity. 📈

  • #Precise handling: Manipulators enable precise positioning of molds, tools and raw materials through rigid load guidance, which improves product quality and reduces waste. 🔍

  • #Flexibility: Modern manipulators can often be used in a variety of ways to perform different tasks in the foundry, increasing their profitability and adaptability.

  • #Ergonomic Benefits: Our manipulators can be ergonomically designed to reduce operator stress and improve overall working conditions, which can lead to higher employee satisfaction. 🏋️

  • #Automation: When used in conjunction with other automated systems, manipulators can help automate foundry operations, further increasing efficiency and reducing human error. 🦾

Overall, manipulators play an important role in modernizing and #optimizing foundry operations by improving #safety, #efficiency and #quality.

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