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Manipulator for car bumpers 📢

The challenge of installing bumpers varies depending on the vehicle model. Our manipulator offers the following advantages 📢:

  • #Precision: By using the #manipulator, different #bumpers can be positioned and assembled precisely by the employee. This increases the #quality and accuracy of the work. 🎯

  • #Efficiency: The manipulator increases the #work speed by accelerating the #assembly process and increasing productivity. This allows #workforce to be used more efficiently. ⏳

  • #Ergonomics: The use of the #manipulator reduces the burden on workers as heavy bumpers can be handled more easily. This helps reduce the risk of injury and #fatigue. 🏗️

  • #Versatility: The manipulator with its special device is able to pick up and move different bumpers. 🦾

  • #Safety: The arrangement of the suction cups, the 2-circuit vacuum system and the arrangement of the operating handle ensure safe picking up, moving and putting down and thus protects the #employee from injury. 🦺

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