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Collaborating lifting axis ZH90 ⚙️🤝

We developed the #collaborating #lifting axis ZH90 so that you can work safely and efficiently with people in a shared work environment. In contrast to conventional industrial robots, which often work in closed cells and operate separately from people, our lifting axis is designed to #interact directly with human employees and work together on tasks.

Here are some features and #characteristics of our collaborative lifting axis ZH90📯:

▶️ #Safety: The lifting axle is equipped with advanced safety systems, including sensors and software that allow you to detect and avoid obstacles. This helps prevent collisions with people and makes the work environment safe. ✔️

▶️ #Flexibility: The lifting axis is easily programmable and adjustable to perform different tasks in different industries. They can be quickly reprogrammed to learn and accomplish new tasks. ✔️

▶️ #Working mode: The lifting axis can be moved or operated manually, collaboratively or automatically ✔️

▶️ Proximity to work: The lifting axis is designed so that you can work in close proximity to human employees. This facilitates collaboration between humans and machines. ✔️

▶️ #User-friendliness: Operating the lifting axis is easy and does not require extensive programming knowledge. For example, it is possible to program this using the teach-in procedure, in which the employee guides the lifting axis through the desired movements. ✔️

▶️ #Versatility: The possible uses are extremely versatile. ✔️

The ZH90 lifting axis thus helps to advance #automation in many areas by supporting and complementing human #workforce instead of replacing it. This enables more efficient #production, better #quality and a safer working environment. 🧑‍🏭



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