Handling technology and manipulators

There is no load too heavy, only the wrong technology! This credo has been challenging us for over 20 years.  Zeilhofer HHT has developed bespoke innovative handling solutions for picking up, moving and depositing loads of all kinds.

  • Our lifting aids take the weight off any load

  • We are your innovative partner in moving loads

  • We minimize interface problems through individual complete solutions

  • Large lifting heights and working radii provide flexibility

  • We provide physical relief for the operators and workers

  • Integration in existing techniques

Manipulator Gelenkarm Hebehilfe

This handling technology can be used individually. It's large working radius and various designs ensure a maximum in flexibility at every workstation.

Manipulator Hersteller, Hebetechnik, Zeilhofer Hebehilfe, Pneumatische Hebehilfe, Elektrische Hebehilfe, Sonderlösung Hebehilfe

Due to its compact and lightweight design, this lifting aid is optimally suited for different loads and products that need to be moved quickly.

Hubachse ZH90 Hebehilfe.jpg

Because of it's patented modular system and it's various expansion options, the ZH90 lifting-axis can be used manually, collaboratively or fully automatically.

The extension to our product range in handling technology offers the possibility to precisely approach different positions  in the room and to hold in that position them. Together with the specially developed control we provide e.g. for the correct screwing of various applications.

Innovation and progress drives us! We are already working on new products, which we present in a timely manner ...

Sonderlösungen Hebehilfe Manipulator Zeilhofer

Our products are not suitable for your loads? We provide customized special solutions for weightless handling of different loads and products. Contact us today!



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