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Handling molding boxes using the ZH90 lifting axis‼️

Updated: Mar 4

Using a lifting aid to load and remove castings from a casting system offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduction of physical strain 🫁: Lifting and moving heavy and large molding boxes leads to considerable physical strain on employees. The ZH90 lifting axis takes on this work by carrying the load of the components and thereby relieving the strain on employees. ✅

  • Avoiding Injury 🤕: Manual lifting work can lead to injuries such as back injuries, muscle strains or other strains. By using the Hubchase ZH90, the risk of such injuries is significantly reduced because it takes on the heavy work. ✅

  • Improved occupational safety 🦺: The employee is protected by the shielding against heat radiation attached to the lifting axis. This minimizes the risk of injuries and burns.✅

  • Increased efficiency ⏳: The ZH90 lifting axis accelerates #workflow by reducing the time required to insert or remove castings from the casting system. This helps reduce overall #production time and increase #productivity. ✅

  • Precise positioning 📍: The ZH90 lifting axis with holding device is constructed and designed in such a way that it enables precise and repeatable #positioning of the #shaping boxes in the preheating oven. This ensures that vacuum investment casting is successful and the quality of the cast parts is guaranteed. ✅

  • Increase in work morale 😁: By reducing physical exertion and potentially dangerous aspects of work with the ZH90 lifting axis, employees are more motivated and satisfied. This leads to an overall more positive work environment and higher morale. ✅

📢 Overall, the ZH90 lifting axis helps to improve efficiency, safety and quality in the casting process, which ultimately leads to increased overall productivity and profitability.



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