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Inserting sheets into a machining center 🫵

Inserting different steel sheets into a machining center brings with it many challenges and problems, which can be avoided by using our lifting aids:

  • Weight and dimensions of the sheets : the sheets are usually very heavy, which makes inserting them into the respective machine very difficult. Our #manipulators with appropriate load capacity and special suction devices make this work step easier and thus relieve the burden on employees. 📏 💪


  • Risk of injury from the sheets : Lifting the sheets poses various risks of injury for employees: hand injuries, crushing injuries, back injuries and cuts. With the help of our #articulated arm manipulator, employees are protected from these #injury risks. 🩹 🤕


  • Precise placement of the sheets : The unwieldy sheets must be placed exactly in the corresponding laser cutting system so that it works and is not damaged. This is not possible with indoor cranes and chain hoists, as these lifting aids do not offer rigid load guidance and it is impossible to immerse yourself in the machining center. This is exactly what is possible with the help of our #articulated arm manipulators. 🏗️ 📍


  • Risk of damage : The different steel sheets can easily be damaged while being inserted into the #waterjet cutting system. Damage to the machining center can also occur if the steel sheets are not inserted precisely. With the help of our #lifting aids, the sheet metal parts and the machining center are protected from damage. 💥 🏚️


  • Spatial restrictions : The place of work and the #milling machine itself usually offer limited space. Due to the compact and customer-specific design of our manipulators, they can easily be used even in spatially restricted locations. 🏭 ⚙️


  • Efficient and quality : At least two people are usually required to insert the individual sheets into a processing center. By using our manipulators, the activities can be carried out with just one employee. 💨 💶



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