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Lifting aid for barrels 🛢️

Our drum manipulator is a special lifting aid that we have developed to handle drums safely and efficiently. Here are some of the key features & benefits: 📢

#Lifting capacity: With our manipulator for barrels, a worker is able to handle barrels of different sizes, diameters and weights. This makes it possible to safely move light barrels as well as barrels weighing up to 500 kg. 🏗️

#Rotating and tilting functions: Using the device, it is also possible to rotate or tilt the gripped barrel in order to empty the contents or fill the barrel. 🔄

#Safety features: Our manipulator for barrels is equipped with different safety features & functions depending on the control variant. These include overload protection, check valves, emergency stop switches, product detection, energy storage, automatic locking, two-hand operation, etc. All of these features are there to prevent accidents and ensure occupational safety. 🦺

#Adaptable mounting options : The manipulator for barrels can be used in different workplaces and in different environments depending on the customer's specifications. Whether movable in the X and Y directions using a rail system attached to the steel structure, firmly anchored in the hall floor or on a self-stable base plate that can be moved with a forklift or pallet truck. 🏭

#Protecting employees: Our barrel manipulator relieves employees of physical strain by allowing them to lift and move heavy barrels without putting excessive strain on them. This leads to job satisfaction and reduces the risk of work absences. 👨🔧😁

#Precise positioning : The manipulator allows barrels to be positioned and placed precisely, which is particularly important in applications where precise alignment (e.g. filling and/or emptying barrels) is required.

#Increase efficiency : The lifting aid enables quick and efficient handling of drums. They reduce manual workload and allow drums to be lifted, transported and positioned with minimal effort. 📈

#CostSavings : Although the initial cost of a drum handler can be high, companies can save money in the long run by increasing productivity, reducing the risk of injury and minimizing wear and tear on drum storage containers. 💶📉

Overall, our drum manipulators offer a number of benefits that help improve efficiency, safety and productivity in companies that need to handle drums.



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