Arm ZH3

Our manipulators or lifting-axles with a customized device are not suitable for your application?


Do you need a solution that precisely approaches specific target positions in different dimensons of the room and functions just as precisely as a robot arm?


ARM ZH3 offers exactly this opportunity. With the help of the specially developed controlling-device, the robot arm is able to approach predefined positions precisely and can automatically carry out the desired adjustment of the arm along a defined curve.

The ARM ZH3 is able to stay in desired different positions as well. Target positions can be learned and changed without any programming effort. Adaptations to the process can be performed independently and easily.


Depending on the application, the compact ARM ZH3 can be equipped with different tools, gripping-systems and screwers, thus offering a wide range of applications across all application areas in addition to flexibility in all axes.


The core features of the ARM ZH3 are:

  • Compact

  • Modular Construction

  • Variable application possibility

  • Longevity

  • Electropneumatical / electrical

  • No programming for later adjustments required



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