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Lift ZH

Zeilhofer Handling Technology has developed the innovative ZH lifting lift for lifting heavy objects. Thanks to innovative chassis and its lightweight construction, this product is more flexible and movable than any other on the market.

The innovative chassis are equipped with so-called Omniwheels and can therefore be turned very easily in all directions. With these wheels, the ZH lift is significantly more mobile on an industrial floor than comparable products with conventional fixed castors. The optimal handling enables employees to move objects weighing up to 100 kilograms very easily and position them precisely without any effort.

“Easy positioning of the ZH lift thanks to specially developed chassis”

Lifting lift ZH Zeilhofer handling technology #

Every workplace can be designed ergonomically with the lift. The lightweight construction with aluminum ensures that employees are also physically relieved. The lift has three or four chassis depending on requirements and can be used flexibly for all needs.


The ZH has an innovative compact control. This allows the working heights and speeds to be continuously regulated using a joystick. The lifting movement is carried out via a powerful electric servo motor. You can save the different heights.

The ZH is the first lift in the world to be powered by special 48-volt lithium-ion batteries. The employees simply plug this powerful battery into a corresponding holder on the lift. The ZH does not require a stationary energy supply, cables or lines do not need to be connected.

The battery can be used for over eight hours. In order to save energy or electricity, the ZH lift has a special energy saving mode that can be easily set using a special circuit. If desired, the energy supply can also be provided via a special compressed air tank with a corresponding docking station. 

The lift is also equipped with an integrated articulated arm. This increases the working radius and thus ensures a wide range of possible uses. Due to the complex construction, the extension arm can be rotated endlessly. Unlike other manufacturers of such lifting aids, Zeilhofer Handling Technology also offers tailor-made solutions here. Every customer can configure their lift and have it made individually. The ZH can also be equipped with various articulated arms.


To protect employees, the ZH has various safety devices.
An additional integrated braking system stops the lifting movement in the event of a power failure, thus protecting the worker from injuries. If the weight is higher than 100 kilograms, the lift switches off automatically. The ZH has an emergency stop switch with an integrated overload protection.

​The core features of the ZH lift are:

Helift ZH
Hebelift ZH
Hebelift ZH
Hebelift ZH
Hebelift ZH
  • Omiwheels for easy positioning and movement

  • Pneumatic / electric drive 

  • Linear pull-out system in AL lightweight construction

  • Individual complete solution

  • Integrated control and overload protection

  • Chassis with different overload protection

  • Variable lifting heights

  • Perfectly adapted to your use

Technical data

Convincing values of the ZH lift:

programmierbare Kompaktsteuerung / Z-Positionen programmierbar / (Touch-) Display / Induktive Bediengriffe
36 V
schnell wechselbarer Lithitum-Ionen-Akku
Verfahrung / Fahrwerke
spezielles Allseitenrad / Anordnung (3-Fuß / 4-Fuß)
550 mm + Hub
Max. Beladung der Säule
130 kg
Max. Auskragung
900 mm
Max. Hubgeschwindigkeit
80 mm/s
Max. Hub
1.200 mm
0° bis +50° C
Kugelumlaufspindel (elektrisch)
mechanische Bremse / Hubbremse in Z-Achse wirkend
elektrischer Servoantrieb / pneumatischer Antrieb
Visit Hebelift ZH's own landing page for further information.


We not only sell, design and produce lifting aids, but also supply you with the right device for your component or product:

Lift ZH in use

Attached you will find application examples and videos for our lift ZH:

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