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Lifting-Axis ZH90

The new ZH90 lifting axis is a reliable partner with its versatile expansion options. Wherever heavy loads have to be lifted, moved and moved, the ZH90 lifting axis makes work easier. It saves valuable time, promotes efficiency and the precise execution of activities. It protects people and their health.


With the ZH90 lifting axis, you can transport, move and lift objects with different weights and properties seemingly weightlessly and with little effort.


As a modular system, the ZH90 lifting axis can be used in almost every area and at every workplace

Zeilhofer handling technology lifting axis ZH90.png

Technical data

Convincing features of the Articulated-Cable-Manipulator:

Leistungsmerkmal / Feature
Einheit / Unit
Gerätkürzel / Name
Arbeitshub / Working Hub
max. 1.600 mm
Tragfähigkeit / Load Capacity
1.000 kg
Antrieb / Drive
pneumatic / electropneumatic / electric
Drehachse (Auslegearm) / Rotary axis (extension arm)
330 °
Drehachse (Hauptachse) / Rotary axis (main axis)
360 ° endlos / endless
Drehachse (Vorrichtung) / Rotary axis (fixture)
360 ° endlos / endless
Momentbelastung / triggering torque
steif / stiff
Torsion um Z-Achse / Torsion around Z-axis
3.000 Nm (Hub 1.000 mm)
Betriebsdruck / Operating pressure
6 bar
Geräuschentwicklung / Noise emission
< 70 db (A)
Stromversorgung / Power supply
230 V
Eigengewicht / Net weight
70 kg
Schienensystem / Rail System
passend für jede Art von System / any system
Zeilhofer Hubachse ZH90.jpg

Control for the ZH90 lifting axis

The ZH90 lifting axis can be equipped with different control concepts depending on customer requirements and specifications. Basically, there are three different ways to control the ZH90 lifting axis:

  1. Pneumatic control

The use of pneumatics enables daily tasks to be completed intuitively and safely. Vertical movements can be carried out in a balancing manner, i.e. without pressing a button.

2. Electro-pneumatic control

The advantages of pneumatic control are retained. In addition, partially and fully automatic processes can be implemented with an electro-pneumatic control.

3. Electrical control

Thanks to a purely electrical control system, the medium of compressed air can be dispensed with entirely. Even the heaviest loads and partially and fully automatic processes can be implemented without any problems.

In addition to the three control concepts, there is also the option to choose between 5 different control options:

Balance control

For an almost weightless movement of loads. The system switches to load mode as soon as the load has been safely picked up - the vertical movement can be carried out effortlessly.

Automobile. Weight adjustment

With the automatic weight detection, the products to be moved are automatically weighed in after being picked up. As with the balancing control, vertical movement is now effortlessly possible and can be supported by pressing a button.

Up and down control

The vertical movement of the lifting axis ZH90 is implemented with button control. The travel movement can be accelerated using an additional button. Small movements are possible without pressing a button.

Safety control

A release of the load is only possible if the gripper is in a defined end position or is released by an index.

Automobile. Weight finding

Components of different weights are moved vertically by pressing a button. If the component is in the air, you can switch to the balancing control by pressing a button.



We not only sell, design and produce lifting aids, but also supply you with the right device for your component or product:

ZH90 lifting axis in use

Attached you will find application examples for our ZH90 lifting axis in use.

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