Articulated-arm-manipulators from Zeilhofer HHT are lifting aids that can be used both stationary and movable on the floor or ceiling. With special features and a long working radius they are the perfect partner for moving loads.


Each articulated-arm lifting aid can be additionally equipped with an individual device. Zeilhofer HHT offers you a complete product, from planning to aftersales.

Technische Daten

Überzeugende Werte des Gelenkarm-Manipulators

Stationary (Floor)

The manipulator is anchored to the ground.

Your Plus:

  • Large working radius

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Loads up to 500kg

  • Option: Movable with pallet truck / forklift

Stationary (Ceiling)

The manipulator is anchored
to the ceiling.

Your Plus:

  • Large working radius

  • Einfache und schnelle Montage

  • Lasten bis zu 500kg

  • Option: Movable with pallet truck / forklift

Movable (Ceiling)

The manipulator is attached to a railsystem and can be
moved along the X- and Y-axle.

Your Plus:

  • Large Workspace

  • Variabel usage

    Different rail manufacturers possible

  • Loads up to  500kg

Technical Data

Convincing features of the Articulated-Arm-Manipulator:

Lifting devices in action:

Enclosed you can see some application examples for our Articulated-Arm-Manipulator:



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