Individual complete solutions for your industry

Our various manipulators and lifting aids are reliable partners in numerous industries and application areas due to their expansion options:

  • Automotive/ E- Mobility

  • Chemical Industry

  • Glass- and Window Industry

  • Foundry

  • Wood Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Logistics Industry

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Metalworking

  • Textile Industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Manufacturing (steel, wood, plastic, chemicals)

Every industry faces its challenges. In the sectors listed below, we have gained valuable know-how in recent years and successfully implemented many challenging projects.


Overview of industries

Gain an overview of the different sectors in which our lifting aids are used. With one click you will finde further pictures and videos. If your industry is not represented so far, please feel free to contact us - Your loads are our challenge!

Hebehilfe für den Fahrzeugbau hier Hubachse ZH90
Hebehilfe für Gießerei
Windows & Glass
Hebehilfe und Manipulator für Fenster und Glas
Hebehilfe für die Lebensmittelindustrie hier ein Käselaib
Hebehilfe für Logistik hier Heben von Kartons
Mechanical Engineering
Hebehilfe für Mechanik
Hebehilfe für Rollen
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Automotive Industry

n the automotive industry, our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles perform high-precision tasks, shorten the cycle time, increase quality and at the same time relieve the worker.


Our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles can easily be used in the foundry. They not only relieve the worker, but also protect him.

Windows & Glass

Heavy glass and windows can be moved accurately and with little effort using our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles without damaging them.

Food Industry

Heavy loads in the food industry are supported by our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles. All regulations and guidelines of the food industry are complied with.


Smooth material flow is ensured by our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles. Goods are converted manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically with little effort.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical parts with different weights and different dimensions have to be moved? Our lifting aids, manipulators and lifting axles offer a multitude of possibilities and always relieve the worker.