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Individual devices for your lifting aid

In order to take the burden off the different products and components, we develop individual gripping, suction, magnet, hook and special devices for our lifting aids. Screwdrivers and screw spindles can also be integrated into our products.


Depending on customer requirements and component properties, we select the appropriate device in close consultation with our customers. We use our many years of development experience to ensure ergonomic and efficient complete solutions from a single source.

  • Individual device for your lifting aids

  • Complete solution for ergonomic lifting and moving

  • One contact person for the entire project and beyond!

  • Reduction of interfaces through a complete solution from a single source

  • CE conformity of the entire system and device

Gripping device Zeilhofer handling test

Gripping device

The lifting aids can be equipped with a customer- and product-specific gripping device. We offer you complete solutions that enable manual, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic gripping.

Screw spindle Zeilhofer Hebehilfe.jpg

Screwdriver & screw spindle

Due to their high torque absorption, the lifting aids are ideal for integrating screwdrivers and screw spindles. Different types of screwdrivers and screw spindles can be easily integrated and monitored accordingly. Depending on requirements, the screwing can be carried out fully automatically or with worker guidance.

Hook Zeilhofer_edited.jpg

Hook device

The lifting axes, rope and joint manipulators can be equipped with a simple hook. This design creates speed and enormous flexibility when it comes to lifting your products and loads.

Zeilhofer Handling Technology Logistics_ed

Suction device

The lifting aids can be equipped with a customer- and product-specific suction device. We use special suction cups and vacuum pumps to remove the weight of your load efficiently and safely.

Magnetic device copy_edited.jpg

Magnetic device

The lifting aids can be equipped with a customer- and product-specific magnetic device. It doesn't matter whether the manipulators are operated purely pneumatically or electro-pneumatically. We design the right magnetic device for every application and load.

Zeilhofer logo products.png

Special device

Does your component have special properties and must not be damaged when lifted? We will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a customized device tailored to your product.Contact us today!

Application examples

Experience lightness and safety – immerse yourself in our application examples of lifting aids. From effortless lifting and moving, discover how our solutions can revolutionize lifting and moving.

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