Individual fixtures for your handling devices 

To take the load off the various products and components, we have developed individual gripping, suction, magnetic, hook and special fixtures for our handling devices. Furthermore screwdrivers and screw spindles can be integrated into our products.


Depending on customer- and component requirements, the ideal fixtures will be chosen after consultation. Years of development and experience guarantee ergonomic and efficient complete solutions from a single source.

  • Individual device for your lifting aids

  • Complete solution for ergonomic lifting and moving

  • One contact person for the entire project and afterwards!

  • Reduction of interfaces - complete solution from a single source

  • CE conformity of the entire system and device

The manipulators can be equipped with a customer-specific and product-specific gripping fixture. We offer complete solutions that enable both manual, pneumatic or electropneumatic gripping.

The handling devices can be equipped with a customer- and product-specific suction fixtures. We use special suction devices and vacuum pumps to take the weight efficiently and safely to your load.

Due to their large torque absorption, the lifting aids are optimally suited for the integration of screwing devices and screw spindles. Different types of screwers and screw spindles can be easily integrated and monitored accordingly. Depending on requirements, the screwing can be carried out fully automatically or manually by a worker.

Magnetic Fixture

The manipulators can be equipped with a customer- and product-specific magnetic fixture. It does not matter whether the manipulators are operated purely pneumatically or electropneumatically. We construct the right magnetic fixture for every application and load.

Oujr lifting axes, cable- and arm-manipulators can be equipped with a simple hook. This design provides speed and tremendous flexibility when it comes to lifting your products and loads.

Bespoke Fixtures

Your component requires bespoke fixtures and should not be damaged when lifted? We would be pleased to advise you and develop a customized device tailored to your product. Contact us today!



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