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Lifting axes and manipulators for industrial screw technology assembly ❓😧

#Screw assembly refers to the industrial assembly of screw connections. Screw assembly in industry can be highly specialized and often requires precise tools, machinery and expertise. It plays a crucial role in many manufacturing processes and production lines, especially in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing and others where precision and reliability are critical.

Aspects of industrial bolting assembly include, among others, selecting the right bolts and tools, setting torques, checking bolt connections for correctness and quality assurance measures to ensure that bolted connections meet the required standards.

The use of our products in screw technology offers the following advantages:

  • #Precision and #Accuracy: The precise control of lifting axes and manipulators allows screws to be positioned and tightened with high accuracy. This ensures consistent quality of the screw connections and minimizes scrap or rework. 🎯

  • #Flexibility: Lifting axes and manipulators make it possible to tighten screws at different angles and positions, even in hard-to-reach places or in complex assemblies. This increases the flexibility of screw technology assembly and enables a wide range of assembly situations to be handled. 🔩

  • #Efficiency: The automated movement of lifting axes and manipulators reduces assembly times and increases productivity. Automation also allows repetitive tasks to be carried out efficiently, reducing working time and costs. ⏳

  • #Ergonomics and #Workplace Safety: The use of manipulators can help reduce the strain on employees by lifting and positioning heavy workpieces or tools. This helps improve workplace ergonomics and reduces the risk of overload injuries. 🦺

  • #Quality assurance: By integrating sensors and monitoring systems, lifting axes and manipulators can help monitor and ensure the quality of screw connections. Faulty screw connections can be detected and corrected at an early stage, which improves quality assurance. ✅

Overall, lifting axes and manipulators in screw technology assembly enable efficient, precise and safe assembly of screw connections, which leads to an increase in productivity, quality and workplace ergonomics




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