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  • Zeilhofer HHT

Manipular for different sized & heavy rolls!

Using our reel manipulator over a crane, chain hoist or other lifting aids offers several advantages that increase both efficiency and safety in the workplace. Here are some of the key benefits: 🔊

➡️ Better precision & control

  • The manipulator and device enable more precise control of the movement due to the rigid load guidance, which is particularly important when rolls have to be positioned precisely or maneuvered in tight work spaces. 🕹️

➡️ Improve ergonomics & safety

  • The manipulator is ergonomically designed to help minimize the physical strain on operators, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. 🦺

➡️ Increase efficiency & speed

  • Operating our manipulator is faster and more efficient than using a crane, as less time is needed for setup and positioning. 📈

➡️ Compact & space-saving

  • Our articulated arm manipulator is compact and therefore requires less space than a crane, which is particularly advantageous in confined working environments. 🤏

➡️ Flexibility & versatility

  • The manipulator can be adapted to different roll sizes and weights, increasing its versatility. 🗞️

Overall, our reel manipulator offers a number of advantages over traditional crane systems and lifting aids that can lead to improved efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness in various industrial applications.



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