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Manipulator for mold boxes in the foundry industry ❓

Mold boxes are structures that contain sand molds used for casting metal parts. Handling these heavy and often hot mold boxes is a major challenge. 💡

Our molding box manipulator is a special lifting aid used in the foundry industry to handle molding boxes safely and efficiently. It makes work easier, increases safety and brings other advantages: 🔊

➡️ Ergonomics & Safety:

The manipulator is designed to reduce the physical strain on workers and minimize the risk of injury. 🦺

➡️ Efficiency:

Our articulated arm manipulator allows mold boxes to be moved faster and more precisely, improving the efficiency of foundry processes. This leads to higher productivity and less downtime. ⏱️

➡️ Flexibility:

The manipulator is flexible and can be adapted to different sizes and shapes of mold boxes. This makes it versatile in different areas of the foundry. ✔️

➡️ Precision:

Our manipulator and fixture offer high precision in placing and moving mold boxes, which is important to ensure the accuracy and quality of the molded parts. 🦾

Overall, manipulators play an important role in the foundry industry by making the handling of molding boxes safer and more efficient.



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