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  • Zeilhofer HHT

Our manipulators offer several advantages over chain hoists & cranes ⛔⛓️🏗️:

  • Manipulators enable precise positioning and handling of loads. In contrast, chain hoists & cranes are often limited to simple vertical movements and offer less control over the precise positioning of the load. 🎯

  • Manipulators are more versatile than chain hoists and jib cranes. They can handle a wide range of loads, including irregularly shaped or delicate objects. Manipulators can also perform multiple functions, such as rotating or tilting the load. 🔄

  • Chain hoists and cranes are usually equipped with a load hook. Our manipulators, on the other hand, can be equipped with product- and customer-specific devices, such as gripping devices, suction devices, magnetic devices or special devices. 🗜️

  • Manipulators are designed with safety features to prevent accidents. They may have sensors that can detect obstacles and stop movement accordingly. This helps improve workplace safety, especially in environments where workers interact closely with machinery. 🦺

  • Our manipulators are ergonomically designed to reduce the burden on operators. They are equipped with control panels or joysticks that allow comfortable handling and reduce fatigue. 🕹️

  • In most applications, manipulators are faster than cranes because they have less moving mass and thus enable faster accelerations and decelerations. 💨

#Automation options:

  • Manipulators can be integrated into automated systems and connected to robotics solutions to perform tasks autonomously or collaboratively. This enables greater efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. 🦾

Overall, manipulators offer an efficient, flexible and safe solution for handling loads in various applications compared to chain hoists.



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