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What are ZHHT manipulators & what advantages do they offer❓

Manipulators as we design and manufacture them are mechanical #devices that are used to grip, move, position, measure or process objects and components. 🏭

In industrial applications, our pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electrical #manipulators are standalone or part of automated #manufacturing systems. There, together with the #human, you will take on a variety of tasks such as assembling components and #handling workpieces, which brings with it a variety of advantages: 🏆

👉 Precision :

Our manipulators perform precise movements #collaboratively or #independently that would be difficult or impossible for human workers. This leads to greater accuracy when positioning components or executing the respective tasks.

👉 Increased efficiency :

During the manufacturing and assembly process, the individual components can often only be moved and positioned by two people. By using our manipulators, only one person is needed to carry out the work. With the help of the manipulator, #work processes become more efficient, which leads to an increase in #productivity and a reduction in #throughput times. This enables more efficient use of resources and faster production.

👉 Ergonomics :

Our manipulators help reduce ergonomic stress on human workers by lifting heavy loads or performing repetitive movements. This contributes to improving #work comfort and preventing work-related #health problems.

👉 Work safety :

By taking on dangerous or repetitive tasks, our manipulators help reduce the risk of #occupational accidents and #injuries. This leads to improving #occupational safety and protecting workers, especially in chemical and heat-related tasks.

👉 Flexibility :

Our manipulators can be used in a wide variety of industries and can be adapted to a wide variety of #requirements and working environments.

👉 Quality assurance :

Our manipulators help to improve the #quality of the products produced or tasks performed. It reduces the likelihood of errors and scrap.

👉 Increasing competitiveness :

By implementing our manipulators, companies can reduce their #production costs, increase #efficiency and improve #product quality.

👉 Availability & Lifespan :

Our manipulators are developed or manufactured to customer specifications and later installed and maintained by our specialist staff. We support our customers from the start of the project through to assembly and subsequent maintenance and testing. All of these services from a single source enable high availability and a long service life of the manipulators.

Overall, our manipulators are versatile lifting aids that are used to carry out movements that are difficult or dangerous for people or in which they would simply be too slow. 😁



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