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What is the Heblift ZH & what advantages does it offer ❓

Our lifting lift ZH is a floor-mobile device from the field of handling technology that is used in various industries, sectors and logistics areas to lift, move and position heavy loads. It supports employees in a variety of manual lifting tasks. 📢

The ZH lift is used, for example, for #transporting materials in #production, handling boxes and for #shipping in #logistics. By using #lifts, these tasks can be significantly simplified and optimized, which has the following advantages:

👉 Relief for employees

Heavy loads can be lifted more effortlessly using the ZH lift, which is often not possible using purely human muscle strength. However, the function is not limited to mere lifting, but especially in industrial or logistical environments, the lift with the appropriate device enables #rotating, #tilting and #transport over longer distances. It protects employees from harmful rotational movements of the spine, injuries, accidents and overloading of the musculoskeletal system. 😁

👉 Efficient

The mobile lift accompanies employees without much effort, for example on the way from goods receipt to the shelf or from the warehouse to production. This significantly reduces the time spent on internal transport routes, as larger loads can be moved at once. 🚀

👉 Control & battery technology

Our specially developed compact control meets all requirements for movement, display, query and safety. As standard, it includes a stepless stroke control, which is controlled via a #joystick. It is also possible to save different positions/heights and move to them automatically later. The integrated #overload protection including shutdown ensures that the various components are picked up and moved safely. With the help of the lockable 48-volt lithium-ion battery with 21Ah capacity and quick-change function, continuous operation for over 8 hours is easily possible. 🕹️

👉 Protection of material & components

The careful treatment of materials and components is crucial, especially when it comes to unwieldy or very heavy objects (car tires, barrels, boxes, rolls, boxes, etc.), not only the employee often suffers, but also the material itself With the help of the ZH hoist, materials and components can be moved gently at any time, allowing employees to concentrate on their actual work. ⛑️


👉 Easy assembly & handling

The ZH lift can be individually #configured and adjusted. The electric control enables faster, easier and more precise handling compared to the manual alternative, for example when tipping out barrels and storing boxes. 🪄


👉 Flexible

The ZH lift is extremely versatile and can be stored to save space. It offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to complex crane systems and lifting equipment by providing support where and when it is needed. 🤸♀️



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