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What is the lifting axis ZH90 and what advantages does it offer❓

A #lift axis is also called a rigid lift axis or telescopic lift axis. Depending on the version, it is moved freely by the operator, or carries out #collaborative and/or fully #automatic #lifting movements and #lifting movements. They serve to guide the load rigidly, eccentrically and safely. 🦾

Lifting axles are hung in a wide variety of rail and smooth-running rail systems, which are attached to a raised steel structure or an attached steel structure. This enables movement over large distances in the X and Y axes.

Our ZH90 lifting axis consists of patented, heavy-duty and extruded aluminum profiles. Our lifting axes including #control and #device are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. This modular #kit system has the following advantages:

👉 Load capacity & ease of movement:

Despite the lightweight aluminum construction, weights of up to 1,000 kg and torsional and bending moments of up to 3,000 Nm can be easily lifted and moved weightlessly. The patented solution with its special roller guide and roller head enables unprecedented smooth running. 🏗️

👉 Devices:

We not only offer the lifting axis, but also design and manufacture the appropriate #gripper device, #suction device, #magnetic device, #hook device and your #special solutions for the component to be moved. 🤏

👉 Controls:

Our ZH90 lifting axis can be equipped with a wide variety of controls depending on the customer's requirements and wishes. We currently offer 3 control variants in different versions: #pneumatic control (balancing, up and down control, manual force control), #electropneumatic control (automatic weight finding and adjustment and #electrical control (ZHHT compact control, PLC). All #control variants Various safety functions are available to reduce the risks to employees. 🎮

👉 Total solution:

We offer the ZH90 lifting axis individually or as a total solution with steel construction, rail system, control and device. This is not only efficient, but saves time and money. 📈

👉 Construction kit:

Thanks to the newly developed #modular system and #flexible #expansion options, the ZH90 lifting axis can be used in a variety of ways. This makes it possible to make cost-effective adjustments to already installed systems if the components, products, requirements or environmental variables change. 🧱

👉 Areas of application:

No matter whether #automotive industry, #commercial vehicle industry, #logistics industry, #glass industry, #window industry, #food industry, #semiconductor industry, #pharmaceutical industry, #chemical industry, or #foundries etc.: Our patented ZH90 lifting axis is always a reliable partner. 🏭



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