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ZH90 lifting axis for different pumps? 🤔 🎞️

... no, we don't produce pumps, but continue to plan, design and manufacture #lifting aids for our customers ❗❗❗

The clip shows the ZH90 lifting axis with a special mounting device, which enables pumps of different weights and sizes to be lifted, rotated and swiveled.

The almost weightless handling of the pumps, which weigh up to 350 kilograms, is just one advantage of many:

👉 Rigid and safe load guidance at all times

👉 Exact positioning, rotation and pivoting in all axes and positions

👉 Relief for the employee thanks to the ergonomic operating concept

👉 Large working radius thanks to the rail system (BOK system)

👉 Large lifting heights are realized ergonomically

👉 Heavy-duty, smooth-running, backlash-free and low-maintenance ZH90 lifting axis

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