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  • Zeilhofer HHT

ZHHT lifting aid contributes to the energy transition 🌳⚡

Wind turbines are an important source of renewable energy and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. 💨🌡️

They consist of large, rotating rotor blades mounted on a tall tower. The tower is the supporting pillar of every wind turbine. It forms the resting link between the multi-ton turbine and the force of nature. 🏞️

Inside these towers, which are up to 190 meters high, there is a climb or ladder. This ladder consists of individual elements that are installed inside the towers and are later used by maintenance personnel to climb up. 🪜

These wall and stair elements, which weigh up to 120 kg, have to be placed in special transport racks during the manufacturing process in order to later be delivered to the construction site. It is precisely in this demanding work step that our manipulator relieves the employee. 🧰👩🔧



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